Chicken Noodle or Rice Soup  2.50


 Wonton Soup  2.50


 Egg Drops Soup  2.50


 Hot & Sour Soup  2.50


 Miso Soup  2.50


 Mix Vegetable Tofu Soup  4.95


 Tom Yam Soup Thai spicy soup  4.95


 Garden Salad 3.95

 fresh mix green with ginger dressing


 Seaweed Salad 4.95


 Avocado Salad 5.95

 fresh mix green & avocado with sesame dressing


 Kani Salad 5.95

 crab stick, cucumber with mayonnaise & tobiko


 Tataki Salad 6.95

 salmon skin, cucumber with house special sauce


 Chicken Salad 8.95

 grilled chicken breast, fresh mix green with sesame dressing


 Sashimi Salad 13.95

 fresh mix green, raw fish with house special sauce


Japanese Appetizers

 Roti Canai Indian style 2.95


 Spring Roll shrimp on it 3.50


 Vegetable Roll only vegetable 3.50


 Curry Chicken Puff 5.00


 Crab Rangoon 4.95


 Chicken Finger 4.95


 Satay Chicken or Beef 7.95


 Teriyaki Beef or Chicken 7.95


 Steamed Pork Bun 5.00


 Cold Noodle with hot sesame sauce 4.50


 Chicken Wing or Spicy Chicken Wing 6.95


 Tofu Tod fried tofu with sweet chili sauce on the side 4.50


 Steamed Chicken Lemongrass Dumpling 6.95


 Steamed or Fried Pork Dumpling 6.95


 BBQ Spareribs with bone 6.95


 Boneless Ribs 7.95


 Spicy Dumpling with Peanut Sauce 4.95


 Teriyaki Combo 8.95


 Pupu Plater (2) 18.95  (3) 27.95


 Scallion Pancake 2.95


 Edamane steam soy bean pod 4.95


 Age Tofu 4.95


 Yakitori  skewered grilled chicken 5.95


 Squid Ginger Yaki grilled squid with fresh ginger 6.95


 Kakifry  fried Japanese oyster with chef special sauce 9.95


 Chicken Maru-Maru 9.95


 Beef Negimaki 9.95


 Gyoza  Japanese pork dumpling 6.95


 Steamed Vegetable Gyoza 6.95


 Steamed Shrimp Shu Mai 6.95


 Steamed Wasabi Shu Mai  Pork & Shrimp 6.95


 Vegetable Tempura 6.95


 Chicken Tempura  4 pcs chicken with tempura flour 7.95


 Shrimp Tempura 4 pcs shrimp with tempura flour 9.95


 Tempura Combo 2 pcs shrimp & mix vegetable 9.95


 Sunomono 9.95

 assorted raw fish with house special lemon sauce


 Tuna Tataki  10.95

 black pepper tuna with house special sauce


 Sushi (6 pcs) 9.95


 Sashimi (7 pcs) 10.95


 Japanese Fried Calamari 9.95

 served with asian sweet chili sauce


 Tako Su sliced octopus with ponzu sauce 8.95


 Baby Octopus special marinated with sesame flavor 7.95


 Yellow Tail Carpaccio 9.95

 yellowtail fillet with special marinated jalapeño and special sauce


 Soft Shell Crab fried served with ponzu sauce 9.95


 Tiger Eye salmon, smoked salmon, nori wrap with squid 8.95


Vegetable DishesServed with white or brown rice
CurryServed with white or brown rice

 Phat Ruom Mitt 9.95

 mix vegetable, tofu served with brown sauce


 String Bean, Broccoli w. Snow Peace 9.95


 Tofu, Vegetable and Silk Noodles 9.95

 served in hot pot


 Tofu Steak 9.95

 fried tofu served with string bean, broccoli, onion, carrot in brown sauce


 General Tso’s Tofu  10.95

 deep fried tofu served with exotic Hunan sauce


 Broccoli or Eggplant w. Garlic Sauce 9.95


 Eggplant with Sweet Basil 10.95

 eggplant, tofu, fresh ginger, garlic, Thai basil with house special basil sauce


 Sauteed Mustard Green, Bai Choy or Chinese Broccoli  9.95

stir fried with garlic


 Sauteed Broccoli or String Bean with Brown Sauce 9.95


 Penang Curry 12.95

 chicken or beef with pepper, onion, basil, lemongrass


 Massaman Curry 12.95

 chicken or beef with potatoes onion


 Green Curry 12.95

 chicken or beef with eggplant, pepper, onion and basil leaves


 Yellow Curry 13.95

 shrimp, beef with potatoes, eggplant, fried tofu & bamboo shoot


Curry Vegetable 11.95

 mix vegetables, eggplant, tofu, potato in special green curry sauce


 Mutton Lamb Curry 13.95

 a fresh lamb meat, tomato, onion and potatoes


Steamed DishesServed with white or brown rice

 Steam Vegetable Delight 9.95


 Steam Chicken w. Chinese Broccoli  or Regular Broccoli 10.95


 Steam Beef with Vegetable 12.95


 Steam Shrimp with Vegetable 15.95


 Steam Seafood Delight 17.95


 Steam Chicken with Vegetable 10.95


Kids Menuserved with french fries or white rice(dine in only and served kids under 12 years old)5.95

1 Teriyaki Beef or Chicken (2)


2 Chicken Finger (3)


3 Crab Rangoon (3)


4 Chicken Wings (4)


Poultry & PorkServed with white or brown rice
Beef & LambServed with white or brown rice

 Ginger String Bean 10.95


 Kung Pao or Cashew 10.95


 Basil Style 10.95


 Mo Shu 10.95


 Sha Cha Style 10.95


 Orange Style 10.95


 Sesame Souce 10.95


 Bai Choy, Mustard Green or Chinese Broccoli 10.95


 Mix Vegetable 10.95


 Szechuan Beef or Lamb 11.95


 Mongolian Beef or Lamb 11.95


 Ginger Scallion with Beef or Lamb 11.95


 Hunan Beef or Lamb 11.95


 Lemongrass Beef 11.95

 lemongrass, bamboo shoot, asparagus, pepper,  onion with brown sauce


 Beef Broccoli 11.95


 Neua Ped Prik (pepper steak) 11.95

 onion, fresh tomato and pepper with brown sauce


SeafoodServed with white or brown rice

 Shrimp with Mango 15.95


 Mix Vegetable w. Shrimp or Scallop 15.95


 Shrimp with Lobster Sauce 15.95


 Shrimp with Broccoli 15.95


 Shrimp with Eggplant 15.95


 Scallop with Garlic Sauce 15.95


 Thai Sweet & Sour Fish red snapper 15.95


 Crispy Whole Fish S.P


Rice & Noodle

 Lo Mein 7.95

 choice of roast pork, shrimp, beef or chicken


 Fried Rice 7.95

 choice of roast pork, shrimp, beef or chicken


 House Fried Rice 9.95

 chicken, pork and shrimp


 Mei Fun (rice noodle)  8.95

 choice of roast pork, shrimp, beef or chicken


 Pineapple Fried Rice 8.95

 shrimp or chicken with pineapple, onions and scallions


 Young Chow Fried Rice 9.95

 chicken, pork and shrimp with no soy sauce


 Indian Mee Goreng 10.95

 Indian style stir fried soft noodle in a authentic mild squid,

 tofu, shrimp, egg and bean sprouts


 Malaysia Hokkien Char Mee 10.95

 thick noodle in flavored soy sauce with shrimp,

 squid and vegetable

 Pad Thai 9.95

 chicken, shrimp or vegetable sauteed with thai rice noodles,

 bean sprouts, egg, tufu, onion and ground peanut


 Penang Char Kway Teow 9.95

 fresh wide flat rice noodle with bean sprout, onion and

 choice of roast pork, shrimp, beef or chicken


 Singapore Fried Mei Fun 9.95

 Singapore fried rice noodle in special mild sauce with shrimp,

 chicken or pork bean sprouts and egg


 Seafood Chow Fun 13.95

 flat noodle in white egg gravy topped with seafood


 and vegetable

 Chow Mein 10.95

 choice of chicken, shrimp or pork.

 served with crispy noodle and rice


 Nabe Yaki Udon 16.95

 Udon Noodle, Chicken, Shrimp Tempura,

 Poach Egg, Seafood , Vegetable with Special Broth


 Yaki Udon 10.95

 Stir Fried Udon Noodle with Chicken & Vegetable


Chef Special

 1 Lee Honey Twins 15.95

crispy shrimp and chicken with chef’s honey sauce


 2 Dragon and Phoenix (two course meal)  15.95

  general tso’s chicken and shrimp with vegetable


 3 Sizzling Beef 16.95

  sirloin steak with scallion, pepper, onions and brown sauce.

served on sizzling plate


 4 House Triple Sizzled 17.95

  1/2 of lobster tail, shrimp, chicken and vegetable.

served on sizzling plate with crispy rice


 5 Lamb Delight (two course meal) 18.95

  fresh lamb meat with ginger scallion and lamb with vegetable.

served with house special spicy sauce


 6 Hawaii Duck 15.95

  boneless duck with pineapple, pepper, onion.

served with house sweet & sour


 7 7 Star Around The Moon 20.95

  combination of seafood, meat and vegetable

surrounded by crab rangoon


 8 Thai Seafood Delight 18.95

  ½ of lobster tail, scallop, shrimp, squid,

sauteed with asparagus, onions, pepper,

  lemongrass, bamboo shoot, basil with house special sauce


 9 Dry Shredded Crispy Beef  15.95

crispy beef with chef flavored spicy sauce


 10 Happy Family 15.95

  shrimp, scallop, chicken, pork, imitation crab meat,

beef and vegetable. served with brown sauce


 11 Spicy Beef with Scallop 15.95

  beef and scallop with straw mushroom, baby corn,

snow peace, red pepper and broccoli


 12 Ginger Chicken 13.95

  a marvelous taste of fresh ginger chunky string bean

and grill tender chicken breast

 13 Lamb in Basil Seasoning 16.95

  stir fried fresh lamb meat with Thai basil

with house special seasoning and a touch of jalapeno peppers


 14 General Tso’s Chicken 12.95

  a famous dishes in Chinese cuisine, a choice of white or dark meat


 15 Bangkok Crispy Chicken 12.95

  crispy dark chicken meat served with pepper, pineapple,

Thai basil in Thai sweet chili sauce


 16 Pineapple Shrimp 15.95

  jumbo shrimp with fresh pineapple, tomato,

pepper in house sweet & sour sauce


 17 Duck with Black Bean Sauce 15.95

  homemade duck served with fresh ginger

and vegetable in black bean sauce


 18 Gai Po Lo Mein  20.95

  shrimp, scallop, chicken, pork, beef and vegetable.

served on top of soft noodle and surrounded by chicken finger


 19 Hunan Two Delicious  15.95

  (Two Course Meal) shrimp with chili sauce and pork with black bean sauce


 20 Shrimp with Honey Walnut  15.95

  jumbo shrimp with chili sauce and honey walnut surrounded by broccoli


 21 Beijing Duck (Whole Duck) 28.95

  A delicate Beijing dish skillfully prepared served with scallion, hoisin sauce and steamed pancake


 22 Sesame Triple Delight  17.95

chicken, beef, shrimp with sesame sauce


 23 Basil Duck 16.95

  Boneless Duck, Asparagus, Mushroom, Broccoli with Special Basil Sauce


 24 Sake Miso sea Bass 25.95

  Bean Sprout, Mushroom , Asparagus,  with traditional  Miso Sauce


 25 Asian Style Garlic Chilean Sea Bass 26.95

  Celery, Onion, Asparagus, Crispy Garlic with Wine Sauce


Sushi Sashimi (2 pcs per order)

 Egg Custard Tamago 4

 Crab Stick Kani 4

 Mackerel Saba 4

 Surf clam Hokkigai 4

 Squid Ika 4

 Sea Bass Suzuki 5


 Fluke Hirame 5

 Flying Fish Roe Tobiko 5

 Shrimp Ebi 5.5

 Octopus Tako 5.5

 Salmon Sake 5.5

 King Crab S.P.


 Tuna Maguro 6

 Yellow Tail Hamachi 6

 Eel Unagi 6

 Smoke Salmon 6

 White Tuna 6

 Salmon Roe Ikura 6


 Scallop Hotategai 7

 Sea Urchin Uni 7

 Spicy Tuna 7

 Sweet Shrimp Amaebi 8

 Black Pepper Tuna 7

 Fatty Tuna Toro S.P.


Cooked Maki

 California Maki 5.00

 crab stick, cucumber & avocado


 Boston Maki  6.95

 shrimp with cucumber mayonnaise and lettuce


 Philadelphia Maki 6.95

 smoked salmon with cream cheese & scallion


 Crispy Shrimp Tempura Maki  8.95

 shrimp tempura with cucumber top with tobiko


 Spider Maki 8.95

 soft shell crab


 Unagi Maki 7.95

 Eel with cucumber or avocado


 Salmon Skin Maki 6.95

 salmon skin with cucumber


 Oyster Maki 11.95

 lettuce, fried oyster, cucumber top with assorted tobiko


 Dragon Maki 11.95

 toasted eel top with avocado & tobiko


 Lobster & Avocado Maki  12.95

 lobster, lobster salad, avocado top with assorted tobiko


Fresh Fish Maki

  Tuna or Salmon Maki 4.95


  Yellow Tail Scallion Maki 5.95


  Alaskan Maki 6.95

  fresh salmon, cucumber & avocado


  Fuji Maki 6.95

  yellow tail, tuna & avocado


  Spicy Tuna, Salmon or Yellow Tail Maki 6.95


  Rainbow Maki 11.95

  crab stick cucumber & avocado inside outside

  assorted fish & avocado


  Spicy Snow Crab Maki 8.95


Vegetable Maki

 Kappa Maki cucumber roll 3.95


 Avocado Maki 3.95


 Oshinko Maki picked radish 3.95


 Inari Maki tofu roll 3.95


 Asparagus Maki 3.95


 Cucumber & Avocado Maki 4.50


 AAC Maki asparagus, avocado & cucumber 4.95


 House Vegetable Maki 7.95


 Green Dragon Maki 10.95

 gobo, kanpyo & oshinko. top with avocado


Chef Special Roll

 1 Marlborough Roll 12.95

  avocado, cucumber & crab stick inside, spicy

  tuna outside with special sauce & crunch


 2 Summer Roll 15.95

  thinly sliced cucumber rolled with tuna, salmon,

  yellow tail, kani & avocado


  3 Crazy Tuna Roll 14.95

  spicy tuna, cucumber, crunch & black pepper

  tuna, avocado outside


  4 Angel Roll 15.95

  pepper tuna, cucumber inside & salmon,

  eel outside topped with special pepper sauce

 5 Black Dragon Roll 15.95

  lobster salad, cucumber inside & eel, avocado on top


 6 Sweet Heart Roll 17.95

  spicy tuna crunch inside & tuna outside with

  sweet spicy sauce


 7 Special Salmon Roll 15.95

  tempura salmon, asparagus inside & salmon

  with spicy mayonnaise sauce


 8 Boiler Roll (Fry) 15.95

  cream cheese, asparagus, kani, spicy salmon,

  tobiko, scallion, and deep fried served with

  house special sauce

  9 My Best Friend Roll 15.95

  shrimp tempura inside, tuna & salmon outside

  with eel sauce


 10 Seafood Roll 17.95

  spicy scallop, spider, shrimp tempura, tempura kani,

  avocado wrap with soy paper served with house

  special sauce


  11 American Dream Roll 13.95

  pepper tuna, cucumber inside & tuna on outside

  served with wasabi mayonnaise sauce


  12 Sushi Dumpling 18.95

  rice wrap with 8 assorted fish served with

  8 different sauce


Weekend SpecialDine in Only

 Oyster Shooter 4.95

quail egg and spicy sauce


 Oyster on Shell

  (1/2 dozen $11.95) (1 dozen $23.95)


 Asian Fresh Roll 5.95

 shrimp, bean sprout, rice noodle, basil

 with rice paper wrap and peanut sauce


 Malaysia Curry Laksa 15.95

 soft noodle & rice noodle with seafood,

string bean, bean sprout and curry broth


 Malaysia Bak Kut Dhe 13.95

 flat noodle, pork , chives, mushroom, fungus

 with malaysia herbs broth


Dinner Combination BoxServed with soup or salad, gyoza, shumai and rice No Substitution

 A Tofu Teriyaki & Vegetable Roll 14.95

  All Vegetarian


 B Beef Negimaki & California Roll 17.95


 C Chicken Teriyaki & Shrimp Tempura  18.95

 D Chicken Maru & California Roll 18.95


 E Salmon Teriyaki & California Roll 18.95


 F Sushi, Sashimi & California Roll 23.95


Dinner Combo Special *No Served on 24th - 25th , 31th December & New Year * No 1- No 8 served with rice & egg rollNo 9- No 17 only with riceRice choose from white rice, brown rice or pork fried rice(No Substitution)

 1 Lo Mein 9.95

  Choice of chicken, pork or vegetable


 2 Pad Thai 9.95

  Choice of chicken, shrimp or vegetable


 3 Thai Sweet & Sour Chicken 10.00


 4 Mixed Vegetable 10.00

  Choice of chicken or Beef


 5 Broccoli 10.00

  Choice of chicken or Beef


 6 Hunan Beef 10.00


 7 Sesame Chicken 10.00


 8 Orange Beef 10.00


 9 Chicken Finger (4), Crab Rangoon (4),  Teriyaki Beef (3) 10.00


 10 Chicken Finger (4), Boneless Rib,  Teriyaki Beef (3) 10.00


 11 Chicken Finger (4), Boneless Rib, Chicken Wing (3) 10.00


 12 Chicken Finger (4), Boneless Rib,  Crab Rangoon (4) 10.00


 13 Teriyaki Beef (3), Teriyaki Chicken (3), Chicken Wing (3) 10.00


 14 Teriyaki Beef (3), Boneless Rid,  Crab Rangoon (4) 10.00


 15 Teriyaki Beef (3), Teriyaki Chicken (3), Crab Rangoon (4) 10.00


 16 Chicken Finger (4), Chicken Wing (3), Crab Rangoon (4) 10.00


 17 Chicken Finger (4), Teriyaki Chicken (3), Chicken Wing (3) 10.00


Lunch SpecialMonday - Saturday 11:00 - 3 pm (Excluded Holiday) Choice of miso, wonton, eggdrop or hot & sour soup and white rice, brown rice or pork fried rice No Substitution

 1 Lo Mein  Choice of chicken, pork or shrimp 7.25


 2 Pad Thai  Choice of chicken or shrimp 7.25


 3 Thai Rice Noodle thin noodle 7.25

  Choice of chicken or shrimp


 4 Mango Choice of chicken or beef 7.25


 5 Thai Sweet & Sour 7.25

  Choice of chicken or pork


 6 Chicken with String Beans 7.25


 7 Pineapple Chicken 7.25


 8 Chicken with Cashew Nuts 7.25


 9 Asparagus  Choice of chicken or beef 7.25


 10 Ginger Chicken 7.25

  Stir fried white meat chicken with ginger, onion & scallion


 11 Curry  Choice of chicken or beef 7.25


 12 Green Curry  Choice of chicken or vegetable 7.25


 13 Pepper Steak 7.25


 14 Hunan Style  Choice of chicken, pork or beef 7.25

 15 Kung Pao  Choice of chicken or pork 7.25


 16 Vegetable  Choice of chicken or shrimp 7.25


 17 General Tso’s  Choice of chicken or beef 7.25


 18 Orange Sauce Choice of chicken or beef 7.25


 19 Sesame  Choice of chicken or beef 7.25


 20 Eggplant with Garlics Sauce 7.25


 21 Vegetable Trio 7.25


 22 Mix Vegetable or with Tofu 7.25


 23 Steam Vegetable Delight 7.25

  Choice of white or brown sauce


 24 Crab Rangoon (3) & Boneless Rib 7.25


 25 Crab Rangoon (3)  & Chicken Wings (2) 7.25


 26 Chicken Fingers (3)  & Boneless Rib 7.25


 27 Chicken Fingers (3)  & Crab Rangoon (3) 7.25


 28 Teriyaki Beef (2)  & Chicken Finger (3) 7.25


 29 Teriyaki Beef (2)  & Chicken Wing (2) 7.25


 30 Teriyaki Beef (2)  & Crab Rangoon (3) 7.25


Japanese Lunch BoxServed with soup or salad, rice and shumaiNo Substitution

 A Tofu Teriyaki  & Vegetable Tempura 9.95

  all vegetarian


 B Chicken Teriyaki  & California Roll 10.95

 C Salmon Teriyaki  & California Roll 10.95


 D Beef Negimaki  & California Roll 10.95


 E   Sushi & Sashimi  & California Roll 15.95


Japanese Lunch Special

   Sushi 9.95

  5 pcs uncooked fish with California roll


   Sashimi 10.95

  7 pcs of raw fish

   Maki Combination 8.95

  choice of any 2 rolls


Tuna Maki

Salmon Maki

Cucumber Maki

Asparagus Maki

Avocado Maki


Oshinko Maki

Red Snapper Maki

California Maki

Spicy Tuna Maki

Spicy Salmon Maki




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